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Riedel Wine Bar is, at its core, an experience: multifaceted, full-sensory and constantly encouraging new discoveries and stories.

It starts with our signature stemware, “the loudspeaker of wine”. Claus J. Riedel, 9th-generation of his clan, revolutionized the industry when he discovered the intrinsic link between the shape of a glass and its effect on the aroma and taste of alcoholic beverages. Resultantly, wine glasses went from plain and clunky to elegant and long-stemmed, with Riedel producing the most desirable of all—then, now and always. Still fashioned through the same 2,000 year-old technique, our mouth-blown and handmade lead glass creations go beyond mere aesthetics. For every glass and its unique shape belies a crucial function: to coax out special characteristics, one-of-a-kind qualities, every delicate nuance of any given grape variety—simply put, to unleash the magic of the wine it is paired with.

Our extensive wine selection, comprising over 250 labels (and counting), has been curated for rarity as well as variety, with an emphasis on the artisanal and authentic. Naturally, no two wines are alike; each wine sings of its own unique origin, individuality and personality. We’ve joined hands with the world’s finest winemakers, many of whom have dedicated their craft and creations to environmentally conscious causes. As such, a large portion of our wines are organic, biodynamic and sustainable in their process as well as end-product.

Of our wine list, 40 labels are available’ by the glass’ via the WineEmotion, a state-of-the-art wine dispensing and preservation system, designed to protect precious aromas and prevent oxidization. At the push of a button, wines, bubblies and sparklings can be enjoyed in three different portions—tasting, half-glass, and full-glass—poured correctly and at the perfect temperature, every single time.

 Throughout the year and varying harvest seasons, we will be hosting several wine workshops and masterclasses on a weekly basis. From food pairing how-to’s and rare vintage appreciations  to conversations with top sommeliers, specialists and wineries from all around the world, our classes will be catered towards any and all wine appreciators, be they beginners or connoisseurs.

The Restaurant

Riedel Wine Bar & Cellar is the ultimate wine bar concept featuring Riedel grape varietal stemware, a wide selection of the finest curated wines and signature menu of delicious chef creations. Located in the Gaysorn Village, it is treasure for wine connoisseurs in Bangkok and around the world.

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Chateau La Dominique Saint Emilion
Grand Cru Classe 2009, France
Price: $$

Grand Cru Classe Saint-Emilion, La Dominique is located near the Pomerol appellation, on a soil of chalky gravel and sandy clay. This vineyard of 28.5 hectares, which dates back to the 18th century, is planted mostly with Merlot (80%) and Cabernet Franc (15%). It belongs to Clement Fayat since 1969, and was the first growth of Saint-Emilion to have the oenologist Michel Rolland as consultant.

La Dominique produces concentrated wines, soft and voluptuous, with well integrated tannins, which can age more than twenty years.

Promotions & Events

Happy Hour 2020

Let’s continue the happy hour journey with us!

The celebration will never end at Riedel Wine Bar & Cellar. Enjoy our Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion on selected Wines, Sparkling, Crafted Cocktails and International Beers.

  • Mon to Sat from 4pm – 7pm
  • Sun from 4pm – Midnight
Meet the Maker - Petrossian

Petrossian X S.O.M. – January 2020

“Il pleut du caviar” = “it’s raining Caviar”

The first edition of Meet the Maker in January is set to guarantee a glamourous and luscious beginning to 2020 by partnering up with 3rd Generation family owned Caviar House PETROSSIAN founded in Paris in 1920. After 100 years of tradition, and for the first time in Thailand, this iconic Caviar and other Petrossian Delicatessen offerings, from their own Vodka to premium Tsar cut smoked salmon and their latest creation, the “Rybaloff”, will be incorporated into the signature “Hassun” culinary presentation and innovative 5-course dinner with a progressive Wine Pairing. Alongside the Riedel Team lead by Patrick Martens, Petrossian Ambassador Bruno Gils will personally serve you the most sought after Petrossian Royal Beluga Caviar directly to your hands. This magnificent dinner features other species of caviar in each course from Durenki to Ossetra and Alverta varieties while the final dessert course will be topped with the “Petrossian Rybaloff”, a pure caviar concoction preserved in beeswax.

Start off the year right and make it rain (caviar) with our one night only Meet the Maker event at Riedel Wine Bar and Cellar.

King of the Case

Power reigns supreme, especially when it comes to the carefully chosen Kings of the Case at Riedel Wine Bar & Cellar. This time around, our Kings are absolute stunners that will blow your mind (and your taste buds). Without further ado, get to know your new Kings and be sure to stop by to check out many other great promotions of the month.




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